Payroll Specialists: Bone Up on These Software Programs Before Applying for That Job

If someone is looking for work as a payroll specialist, they must be ready to differentiate themselves from the competition. When hiring employees for their accounting departments, businesses search for people who have the training, credentials, and know-how to start working right away. Although most companies provide orientation and some training for newly hired employees, […]

Utilizing Pinterest to Enhance Your Job Search

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Technology is becoming a more integral part of job seekers’ efforts to land the right job. A complete, well-written profile on LinkedIn is important, as is maintaining a professional reputation on Twitter and Facebook. Although many people use Pinterest to pin images of personal interest on their virtual pinboards, this social media venue has also […]

Should You Give a Potential Employer Your Social Media Passwords?

Managing Social Media for Job Searches

As businesses of all sizes become more active on the different social media venues, the boundaries between personal and work-related use are occasionally blurred. It’s not at all uncommon for potential employers to want to see a job candidate’s social media profiles. After all, the reputation a person has built for him or herself through […]