Should You Use a Structured or Unstructured Interview?

Hiring decisions are never sure things. Nobody has cracked a code, developed a process, designed a technology, applied a psychological interpretation or even made up a catchy anagram that takes away the guesswork. There still may be good and bad approaches, but we in the hiring business often don’t even agree on which is which. […]

The Changing Face of the Modern Recruiter

Early in my career as a recruiter, I used to take a lot of pride in being able to find people with “hard to find” skill sets. When I started recruiting in the late 90s I had the benefit of being trained in the art by some great people. I also had an advantage because […]

Identifying Potential in Young Professionals

What kind of experience will this person need? When the employment process begins, this is sometimes the very first question posed. Additionally, it is the most important lens that recruiters use to separate candidates. Most candidates are disqualified based only on the appearance of a résumé that doesn’t demonstrate the appropriate level of experience. Recruiters […]

Avoiding Surprises in the Hiring Process

The hiring process usually begins with a polite optimism. All the stakeholders get together and agree on the job description and various “must haves” and “ideally would haves” of the imagined perfect person. Everybody believes they are on the same page. Yet all too often something goes wrong. Once enough time passes without a hire, […]