Confidence: The Most Important HR Competency for the Future

Confidence may be the one attribute rarely discussed that is essential to success in HR. We often hear: Humble, Resilient, Agile, even Flexible…but for some reason Confidence rarely gets mentioned. We spend so much time on competencies in HR. It’s like the holy grail of our community, but before we go too much further in […]

Just Say NO to Dangerous Winter Travel

just say no to dangerous winter travel

The winter is upon most of us across the nation. For those in the northern half, we have had an extremely cold and blustery start to the new year. For many, getting to and from work has been a challenge on more than one occasion. Whether it be below-zero temperatures, snow storms, rain storms, etc., […]

Change Management Lessons From Spilled Coffee on the Train

change management lessons learned from spilled coffee on the train

It can happen to any of us and this morning it happened to me. I spilled coffee on a crowded train. The folks on the train reacted somewhat similar to the way they might if a colleague or teammate screwed up on a project or deliverable unintentionally. This is not the first time this has […]

How I Learned From a High Potential Program Failure

when HR fails

We don’t like to admit that, occasionally, we fail in our roles in HR. I have been guilty of it a few times over the years. One thing I can say is that I never maliciously failed, but it happens. When it does, I think it’s important to own it and do your best to […]

The Power of Letting Go

the power of letting go

Sometimes we all need to just let it go. It could be anything we are faced with. I have spent many years digging my heels in on a multitude of issues. I bet many of you reading this have too. Want examples? OK, how about bad management decisions on – yes – almost a daily […]