Engaging Employees Through Story

narrative framing matters: engaging through story

Story is powerful. Story is where we came from and where we are going. It’s what defines us, sets us apart, and allows us to connect with each other. As part of a larger organizational narrative, story provides the core of a mission. Engaging Employees Through Story Knowing this, image this introvert’s reaction when she […]

Taking the Gloves Off: CEOs and HR

A CEO recently shared with me how many of his peers were choosing not to fill staff vacancies in their Human Resources Departments. I was not surprised. Although Human Resources (HR) is a key player in one of the most complex challenges facing organizations today – attracting and retaining a high-quality workforce – rather than […]

Making the Most of Difficult Situations

We all have, at one time or another, faced situations that test our temperament, our spirit, and our moral fiber. I recently re-read an article that opened by introducing situations where professional responsibilities unexpectedly come into conflict with deeply held beliefs: a budget crisis forcing a manager to dismiss a loyal, hardworking employee and a […]

Building Uncommon Trust Through Everyday Action

building uncommon trust through everyday action

Creating a high performance work place is a complex endeavor. As leaders, we painstakingly work to move our organizations toward lofty goals. We focus and continue to believe in what we are doing in the face of challenge and adversity, even when immediate results are not visible. Effective leadership requires we take a good look […]

Setting Yourself up for Leadership Success

setting yourself up for leadership success

Leaders are lifelong learners and many of us were voracious note-takers in college. We were taught planning was the key to success and we read our college texts cover to cover energized with new found  knowledge we could use this to mastermind our success. Experience has taught me differently. Parents and students on the college […]