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How to Create Community as an HR Department of One

You know the song. One is the loneliest number. It sure can feel that way when you’re the only HR person within your office or organization. (HR peeps at small employers – am I right?) It’s rare that those around you, though often well meaning, get a true sense of what your day to day […]

Spring Cleaning at Work: 5 Ways to Start Fresh

Spring Cleaning at Work Spring is practically upon us. (Hold for collective sigh of relief) We’ve all done our fair share of spring cleaning in the past in our homes. Why stop there? This is a time of renewal. Why does New Year’s corner the market on reassessing life and goals? Let’s go for it […]

The Little Engine That Could Was Onto Something

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” — Henry Ford The Little Engine That Could Was Onto Something Cue eyeroll right? I used to think that way. I thought all positive thinking optimists were clueless. How could thinking a certain way make an actual difference in your life? Well, my […]

Long Live HR Experimentation!

Long Live HR Experimentation! When invited to a newly revised onboarding session, that I entitled “Onboarding Experiment,” one of our new hires told me how she loved that I used the word experiment. My immediate reaction? Crap. She’s onto me. I find myself using that word quite a lot in reference to initiatives I’m working […]

HR Hero at Work and at Home? Time to Take Off the Cape

It happens all the time. If you work in HR, people tell you their work stories. They ask for advice. They ask you to look at their resumes. Family, friends, neighbors. It doesn’t matter if you’re technically off the clock, your skills are needed. You’re usually happy to help because, well, you’re you. Helping is […]

The Magic of Perspective

Misunderstandings, differences of opinion and botched communication happen every day in the workplace. Working in HR comes with all sorts of interesting predicaments due to that fact. Some situations are more challenging than others. There are very few, in my opinion, that can’t be helped by gaining a little more perspective. *note I didn’t say […]