Stop Using Management As a Reward

stop using management as a reward

“Come work for our company!! Great advancement potential! Be a manager in 2 years!!” Does this language sound familiar? Sure it does. It’s probably part of at least half of all job postings out there right now. We love to dangle carrots, and this one is the macdaddy of carrots: promotion opportunities. I’m not saying […]

Leadership Lessons: In the Land of Memory, the Time is Always Now

leadership lessons: in the land of memory, the time is always now

Words and actions matter. For better or worse. That is a rather obvious principle, and I doubt many people would disagree with it. And they have a significant impact when leaders speak and act on them. They have the power to quickly change the direction of a team. However, leaders are also people. They make […]

How To Be a Courageous Leader

how to be a courageous leader

What do we think of when we envision the ideal leader? Maybe they are the one who has all the answers, the one who everyone goes to. Or maybe they’re cool under pressure, you never see them sweat. They’re definitely super confident and in control of everything. Doesn’t that resonate well in the perfect-world scenario […]