Is Morality in the Workplace Necessary

Sustainability.  It’s a word often used to describe environmental and economic conditions.  …And for sure, it’s been an adjective used in conjunction with business.  Whether we’re talking about the private or public sector…The United States is looking to improve our economy, focus on business development and empower our citizens with the opportunity to have a […]

5 Ways to Ultimate Job Satisfaction

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5 Ways to Ultimate Job Satisfaction   The economic face of our country is changing.  Cultures and generations are colliding and we’re smack dab in the middle of trying to define new norms and values. One half of the story is that we should feel good about our jobs and be passionate about what we do […]

Your Company Is Interested in Making the Best Places to Work List

  Your Company Is Interested in Making the Best Places to Work List Recruiting Trends Week is upon us! Each day, everday this week Blogging4Jobs is taking it to the streets to find out what trends will be “the trend” in recruiting. What do you think? What trend do you see as #1 in 2014? […]

Don’t Let Ego Prevent You from Successfully Recruiting Your Next Hire

What’s trying to happen in Corporate America? What exactly is the right job? …and who is the right candidate? There are bits and pieces of truth that come from various sources, but the main problem I continue to see points straight back to EGO. EGO – We all have it. a.k.a – Rank, Title, Status and Privilege.  We […]

The Reality of Being Too Old & Unemployed

I’m a gal who has a bachelors in Accounting and for a short time I earned a living crunching numbers.  The other side of my personality is that I’m a “people person”.  I enjoy being in a role where I am helping others.  I used to think of myself as a perennial optimist but when […]

What Industry is Booming? RETAIL!

There are plenty of articles circulating on the internet that keep promoting what the top career choices are for our youth.  I, quite frankly, am not buying into it. I’m not saying that having a bachelors in Accounting or Computer Science won’t eventually land you a job.  But there is a sector of the market […]