3 Ways to Re-Engage Your Workforce

Boosting Employee Engagement in 3 Ways

As you look around at your workforce, it’s likely only about a third of your employees are actually engaged in their roles. According to a survey by Towers Watson, most of your workforce has either detached or completely disengaged from their positions. A further 22 percent feel unsupported by your company. Obviously, employee engagement is […]

How to Save a Negative Company Culture

Getting your Employees Excited For Work

You might have started out with the best of intentions, but somewhere along the way your company culture took a nosedive. Now your employees are sneaking into work late, grumpy, and disengaged. Worst of all, you know some of your top talent is now actively looking for greener pastures. Now is the time to act […]

Can a Little Relaxation Improve Employee Productivity?

Relaxation Is Needed to Improve Workplace Productivity

Do your employees need to chill? Today’s workplace is more stressful than ever before. A troubled economy means workers are afraid of losing their jobs and often willing to put in long hours to ensure they’re being valued. But is this actually helpful to your company in the long run? Or are these stressed-out employees […]

Is Finding Your Perfect Hire Like Finding a Soul Mate?

How to nab your next great employee

February is the month for finding and celebrating true love. Valentine’s Day is not only a great time to say “be mine”, it’s also a cash cow for retailers. This year 59 percent of Americans plan to spend the same amount of hard-earned cash on their Valentine’s sweethearts, while a substantial 23 percent are upping […]

What Actually Drives Employee Engagement

3 Ways to Impove Employee Engagement in your Company

What Actually Drives Employee Engagement Employee engagement might be one of those HR buzzwords you’re already sick of hearing about. Just because the topic is trendy, however, doesn’t undercut its importance. Engaged employees are more productive and more likely to stick around your company. Focusing on employee engagement might not seem important, but it has […]

How to Video Screen for Company Culture Fit

Using video screening for finding the right cultural fit

Cultural fit is becoming an increasingly important hiring metric for companies from Fortune 500 giants to small-scale startups. More companies are making their hiring decisions the same way we choose close friends or romantic partners, according to a quote by Northwestern professor Lauren Rivera in a recent article in Bloomberg Businessweek. One of the reasons […]