How I Learned to Love Job Interviews

When I was graduating from college way back when, I flirted with law schools but decided the world didn’t need me as a lawyer. As a communications major and former student body president, I thought I could do any number of things so I’d spread my wings and looked at a variety of jobs. GAUNTLET OF […]

4 Keys Leaders Need to Sell Themselves and Their Ideas

Effective Communication Strategies for Leaders

There was a time long ago and far away when leaders would speak and employees would take their marching orders, salute and get the job done. Many organizations have leaders who seem stuck in that state of mind. Time has moved on and they still wonder why their people “haven’t gotten the memo.” (A leader […]

Does Social Media Use Predict Job Success?

Job Success Prediction on Social Media

I’ve been speaking more often to college students about the importance of actively managing their online identities–including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I’ve gotten great feedback from Blogging4Jobs readers about how to successfully keep the students’ attention–including focusing on how employers are using social media to screen candidates. Most of the reasons recruiters cite for using […]

Social Media Job Consequences Get College Students’ Attention

Managing Your Online Identity: The Key to Landing Your Dream Job

In a recent post here at Blogging4Jobs, I asked for your best advice to college students on managing their social media. I got good feedback from recruiters and others on the need for students to realize that what they post online today will greatly affect their future employment opportunities. My presentation a few days later […]

What’s Your Best Advice to College Students on Managing Their Social Media?

How Students Should Manage their Social Media For Success

More and more, I’m speaking to college and high school students about managing their reputations. I’ve interviewed a few recruiters about how they use social media to evaluate candidates. I’d like to hear from more recruiters who could offer advice on how students should manage their social media to improve their chances of success. Let […]

How to Coach Your Corporate Leaders to Be Better Communciators

Ways to Coach Better Communicating Leaders

Most leaders, from CEOs to front-line managers, fail to take communications as seriously as they should. They have a job to do and, in most cases, “communications” will only be vaguely mentioned in their job description. The description might include “engaging employees” but the connection with communications is seldom made. Instead, leaders focus on making […]