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ASK the Recruiter–Job Search While Pregnant

Job Searching While your Pregnant

Job Search While Pregnant Dear Bloggingforjobs: I love your blog! I have been actively searching for a couple months for a new position in public relations. Several weeks ago, I discovered I am pregnant. When should I tell the employer I’m expecting? I’m afraid that if I tell them now, they won’t hire me, but […]

Are Recruiter jobs dissappearing?

A Few Recruiter Job Disappearing

If you were to ask me if Recruiter Jobs were disappearing, I would say… “That depends.” I looked up some stats (Courtesy of Indeed.com) and did a quick side by side comparison. If you look at jobs that have the title “Recruiter,” then there is a definite negative trend there. If you look at jobs […]

Okay, its official. We are in a recession.

Recession Set off By Huge Job Losses

Okay, when I read this on Yahoo News I thought, well, finally… the obvious has been realized. See for yourself… Okay, its official. We are in a recession. It’s no longer a question of recession or not. Now it’s how deep and how long. Workers’ pink slips stacked ever higher in March as jittery employers […]

Dude, you’re too old to work here

UK Employees Being Forced into Retirement

In the UK, many people are being coerced to leave their jobs once they hit a certain age. At least, according to AXA. Check out this recent press release… One in five UK employees still pressured to retire by their employers One in five (20 per cent) retirees have been forced out of their job […]

Jigsaw in the Job Search

Using Jigsaw to Save you time in your Job Search

Bypass gatekeepers. Go straight to decision makers and influencers. If you’re in the job hunt, Jigsaw can save you precious time. Jigsaw in the Job Search Jigsaw (http://www.jigsaw.com/) is an online rolodex of more than 8 million business contacts. Every contact in Jigsaw is complete with full name, title, postal address, hard-to-find email address and […]

Keeping Your Job Search Secret

Tips to Keeping Your Job Search Secret

Keep your job search secret with these tips. Keeping Your Job Search Secret Job search on your own time. Companies can view the websites you visit and emails you send during business hours and on your computer Block your resume from being viewed. Monster has a great feature called Privacy Plus that allows the candidate […]