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Using LinkedIn to Your Advantage

Using LinkedIn to Land you your Next Job

I am a huge proponent of LinkedIn and all its glory! This site is a great way for recruiters to connect with other opening networkers, contacts, and candidates that are not otherwise posting their resumes on major job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder for all to see. Using LinkedIn to Your Advantage So, why not […]

How Blogging Can Land You a Job

Job Seekers now Using Blogs to Land them Jobs

As the hunt for talented professionals gets more challenging, recruiters and creative head hunters are turning to blogs and blog comments to connect with passive candidates. Do a google search on the internet for “Jobs and Blogs” and you’ll find testimonial after testimonial from job seekers who have landed jobs or been contacted by recruiters […]

Business Card Etiquette

Interesting Youtube video on Business Card Etiquette

Which fork to use is hard enough to remember. Click below for an interesting youtube video on Business Card Etiquette. Business Card Etiquette

Voice Mail Etiquette for the Business World

Best Practices for Voice Mail Etiquette

It seems lately I’ve received a number of voicemails both at work and on my cell from customers or candidates that leave out important information when leaving a message. Here’s a quick best practice for voicemail. Voice Mail Etiquette for the Business World Know the name of the person you are leaving a message for. […]

Part I: Types of Employee and Candidate Interviews

Different Types of Candidate and Employer interviewI

The job search and employee selection process takes 90 days from start the finish for a company to hire a new employee.  While the resume and cover letter are one piece of the job search and candidate evaluation process, the interview serves as an opportunity for the hiring manager and job seeker to meet face […]

It’s a Digital World

Job Boards are Now Digital

Note to Job Seekers: It’s a Digital World Noticed recently the decline in good jobs listed in the newspaper. Ever wondered what happened? Newspapers are expensive. Small ads in the Dallas paper for a Sunday run $2,000 with no guarantee that any candidates will apply for a position. I ran a blind ad last year […]