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Resumes are People Too

Job Seekers Also Deserve Respect

Recently, I have read several disturbing articles about unscrupulous Recruiters. One particular story focused on a Military Recruiter who threatened to have a wavering would-be recruit arrested if he backed out of his decision to join the military. Deeper into the article, it was also reported how a group of military recruiters were allegedly offering […]

Recruiting in Down Times

Lesson on Recruiting in Hard Times

Click here to fill out the 2008 Reader Survey. (Thanks) — Recruiting in Down Times By: Fred Vallejo Not every recruiter has been in business during serious “down times.” But there are a few lessons to be learned from those who have. Lessons that will help you weather the bad times. Lesson No. 1: Employers […]

Ten Things Every Recruiting Professional Should Know About Millennials

10 Things Every Recruiter Should Know About Millennials

Ten Things Every Recruiting Professional Should Know About Millennials By Thomas Torresson We see a lot of information on both sides of the employment aisle and thought it might be fun to compile some of it on various market and employee segments into top ten lists. The newest employee group, the “Millennials”, just entering the […]

5 Barriers to Phone Sourcing Success

Today I thought to muse about phone sourcing and the growing difficulty in finding the qualified candidates we seek. As sourcers/recruiters, perhaps the most critical initiative we can undertake is to develop an effective phone sourcing strategy. The key to achieving your sourcing goals is designing a program that is based on a solid understanding […]

10 Rules for Dating and Recruiting

The article below is courtesy of one of my favorite sites as a recruiter: ere.net. In my own experiences, I see a number of parallels between hiring candidates and finding a mate. Candidates can use this article a number of different ways. Enjoy! ********************************************************** by Amy Kimmes 10 Rules for Dating and Recruiting Dating and […]

Resume Don’t

Just yesterday received a resume via fax from a candidate who is interested in a career opportunity. I spent less than 5 seconds glancing at her resume before something stopped me in my tracks, the objective. Resume Don’t OBJECTIVE: To work for a company that uses my many years of experience in fast food in […]