Managers vs. Makers: An Activity for Understanding

In Part 1 of this two-part series on Manager’s Time vs. Maker’s Time, I distinguished between two different orientations towards the workday that arise from the different types of work people do: the manager’s time and the maker’s time (a maker is anyone on a business team whose job is to create a product or […]

Managers vs. Makers: Developing Trust is the First Step

I am sitting in the conference room with pen and paper, waiting for the vaguely titled meeting to begin. Most of the other members in my office will not show up till 10am on the dot, or a few minutes after. (To be fair, I’ve started showing up late more and more because I know […]

Learning is Work & Work is Learning: Strategies for Workers’ Evaluations

Since I work in an educational institution, yearly performance reviews occur around May, the end of the academic year if you are on a semester system. For many of us, this means going backward through emails, calendars, and files to recall the multitude of projects and tasks that we worked on throughout the year. Depending […]