Take A Leap, Take a Risk, IT WILL BE OK!

Take A Leap, Take a Risk, IT WILL BE OK! This week is HR Basics week, I could tell you about the best interview questions I have used over the years, boring! Here is the story of the leap I took and the rut that followed. A little over 2 years ago my husband told […]

7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Career in HR

Dear Me (10 Years Ago), Three days a week I take a commuter bus into the office. I live about 45 minutes away, it’s a great option to have! I joke with my colleague’s that I improve my efficiency by 1 hour and 32 minutes each day I take the bus. I must have been […]

Do You Have a Workplace Mentor? You Should!

I consider it a great blessing in my life that I was born into a family of strong women. For me, the word “powerful” conjures up a variety of ideas, including “strong,” “classy,” “clever,” “taciturn,” and “smart,” among others. I’ve surrounded myself with strong women and developed a network of relationships that benefit us all […]

An Update on Hiring Our Veterans for Armed Forces Week

In January I partnered with Staff Sergeant, Jeffrey Baldovin form WERC (Wisconsin Employment Resource Connection) to bring you 7 reasons why you should hire a veteran. I want to provide you with an update on what I have done to advance my initiative to hire more people as we approach Armed Forces Week. Consistently Attending […]

Join the Mobile Addiction – Apply in a Snap! #mobilerecruit

Mobile Recruiting week is sponsored by our friends, RXInsider and their new mobile app tool, CEAppCEnter. Learn more about mobile recruiting by registering for our webinar on 5/22 at 11 AM EST. Click here. Don’t forget to follow the Twitter hashtag, #mobilerecruit. I have an addiction, an obsession with my mobile device. I am quite confident I am not […]

Dear Staffing Firms: Help Me Love You

My marketing mix is a staffing mix. A mix of internal and external recruiting machines on a mission. My world is ran by results, the faster the better. I use a mix on purpose, I am not a superhero, I can’t be in all places at once and I need a team, partners to help […]