New to HR: Terminating Your First Employee

HR is often known as the room you go into to get hired or fired and nothing in between. This belief is one of the major problems HR has with getting their employees to trust the department. Sadly, while this is not the only function HR holds, it is one that is necessary. New to […]

New to HR? How to Talk About Politics

new to hr? How to talk politics at work

How to discuss politics at work? Ok, I’ll break it down: don’t! Ok, seriously, the topic of politics will inevitably be brought up in the workplace. Every HRPro has heard the saying, “don’t talk religion, politics, or sex in the office,” but how realistic is this? HR holds many secrets of a workplace. We give […]

New to HR? Start By Understanding Your Coworkers

new to hr? start by understanding your coworkers

The first day of a new job can bring various emotions, especially when it is also your very first day in your career field. There is so much to learn, not only about the duties of your job but also the people you will now be working along side. You’ve landed the job and are […]

New to HR? Start By Learning the Tools for Success

An organization’s human resources department handles hiring, firing, administrative tasks, and team training. You need to be passionate about your work if you want to handle the everyday craziness. Having more job options to explore than Game of Thrones’ directors have characters to kill off, HR is gratifying in many ways. But as a rookie […]