New to HR? Here’s How to Present Change

new to hr? Here's how to present change

Everybody has a viewpoint. You are not thinking if you don’t have one. When you start a new work, there may be many aspects of the business that you are unfamiliar with. Since they have always done things a certain way, they don’t see the need for change. A product, service, or idea presentation doesn’t […]

New to HR? Here’s How to Continue Your HR Education

how to continue your hr education

We all know that HR deals with a lot of paperwork. We learn the importance of documentation very early in our career. While taking care of our employees and companies is the most important item on our to do lists, there is one thing I think HR professionals, and especially HR Newbies, should always be […]

New to HR? Exploring the Office Rules

new to hr? Get to know the office rules

Being new to the professional world and having your own office is one of the most exciting feelings ever! At least for me it was. I had finally found my HR position in an amazing company and was ready to move in, decorate and dominate! As a young professional, you might not have experienced what […]

New to HR? Conducting Your First Interview

new to hr? conducting your first interview

Employers interview candidates in a number of ways, and no two businesses operate in exactly the same way. I’m sure there have been interviews throughout your career that you disliked, disliked the technique utilized, or felt the information requested or provided had nothing to do with the actual position. New to HR? Conducting Your First […]

New to HR? Making Your First Mistake

new to hr: making your first mistake

Being an HRNewbie, any type of newbie actually, you will mess something up. Mistakes happen at many points in your career, but it’s a different feeling when you’re new to your career and you make your first mistake. I remember my first mistake in my HR career like it was yesterday and I’m still not right […]

New To HR: Learning to Disagree Effectively

learn to disagree effectively

Joining a new company comes with a lot of pressure. You just got your degree, landed the job, and now you’re out to prove that the last 4/5 years weren’t a complete waste of time, money, and resources. We, as humans,  are very passionate about the things we believe in and sometimes that passion can […]