New to HR? Don’t Be Afraid of the Unknown

new to hr? don't fear the unknown

HR is a field of twist and turns in every direction. The number of areas one could specialize in is almost never-ending, and this can become overwhelming for some individuals. Trying to understand the laws, policies, what to do in harassment claims, how to handle your first open enrollment, understanding tax time, and that’s just […]

New to HR? Ways to Help Improve Turnover

new to hr? here are 5 ways to reduce your turnover rate

We’ll soon be drowning in turnover reports as the end of the year approaches. They can be just as difficult as open enrollment, but rather than workers disobeying deadlines, you have managers failing to submit termination slips. Ways to Help Improve Turnover Even though turnover can be challenging, it also offers you a wealth of […]

Navigating Friendship In the Workplace As an HR Pro

navigating friendship in the workplace as an hr pro

Yikes, I’m sure that title scared a few HR Pros. Friendship is an essential part of life. Some people don’t have a family, but they do have friends. Friendship in the workplace has always been a delicate subject. When we allow people to cross that barrier we’ve created in all of those stacks of paperwork, we […]

Training During the Holiday Rush

training during the holiday rush

The holiday season is soon approaching, the stores are already stocked with Halloween candy and costumes. On November 1, Christmas lights and trees will start popping up around your local city. Amongst the hustle and bustle of making everything perfect in the store are the employees. “It’s been a struggle for many companies in the […]

New to HR? Starting From the Bottom

new to hr? Here's how to start from the bottom

You succeeded in landing your first position in human resources. Perhaps you got all you desired, or perhaps you only needed a foot in the door. Whatever the case, it’s a chance that many HR professionals work hard to seize every day and should not be ignored. If this is your first job in HR, […]