The Truth About Working For Google or Other Startup Giants

the truth about working for google and other startup giants

LinkedIn Google Uber Airbnb Pinterest The list goes on… What do all of these startup giants have in common? Well, everyone wants to work for one, of course. Or, have at least fantasised about it. These days you can be the CEO of Ford and not many will blink an eyelid. But drop casually at […]

The Corporate Culture Fail: How Corporate Leaders Have Fallen Asleep At The Wheel

corporate fail: how corporate leaders have fallen asleep at the wheel

Corporate culture. The two words sit side-by-side, taunting each other like the ultimate oxymoron. Used to be, we could fake it. After all, what other options were there? Not many. The Corporate Culture Fail: How Corporate Leaders Have Fallen Asleep At The Wheel  Unless you wanted to go blue collar. So we bought into it: […]

The Smart Person’s Guide To Handling Office Politics

Each of us, at some point in our lives, has felt like an outsider. Each of has watched in disbelief as our aspirations rode the rollercoaster of other people’s whims. Each of us, I’m willing to bet, was hoping this phenomenon would magically dissipate after we graduated from university and entered the real world. Yet […]

The Battle Against Unconscious Hiring Bias

are we winning the fight against unconscious bias

Since its inception, Silicon Valley has been the kingdom of the white male. In the last few years, however, a string of executive hires, tasked with the job of eliminating hiring biases, have made a microscopic dent in this rock-hard reality. Last year, Airbnb hired David J. King III — their first director of diversity […]