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Top 4 Things To Know When Hiring People with Disabilities

Being in HR, I’m sure you have seen and heard first-hand the latest push to hire and support people with disabilities on-the-job. It seems with every legislative session or meeting, there is a new standard put in place to make it easier for people with disabilities to find and retain employment. Businesses that have never […]

How Can Your Company Implement an Internship for Students with Disabilities?

Young adults with disabilities are looking for work and internship opportunities to enhance their resumes before entering the workforce as the discussion surrounding disability employment continues to expand. Any student’s success on the job can be increased by completing a professional internship! What internship opportunities may your business provide for students with disabilities? Examining the […]

What Can You Ask About Disability in Interviews?

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Even without taking into consideration the questions that you as the employer can and cannot ask, conducting a job interview can be challenging. What if you suspect a candidate might be handicapped? Is there a correct and wrong method to inquire about something and get knowledge? According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, an employer […]

Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act & How It Impacts Your Business

How Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act Impacts Your Business According to a Disability Status Report from Cornell University, in 2012 the employment rate for people with disabilities was only 33.5% compared to an employment rate of 76.3% for people without disabilities. Even though the opportunities for adults with disabilities in the workforce have increased […]

Disabled Workers Are Your Revenue and Productivity Secret

Did you know that employing people with disabilities isn’t solely an “act of charity?” Hiring people with disabilities makes business sense and can help companies succeed in ways they never thought possible. Are you looking to gain dedicated employees? Or reduce turnover in your business? Continue reading to learn more about hiring people with disabilities […]

Using the White House Guide to Hiring People with Disabilities

In February of this year, the White House released a Resource Guide to Hiring People with Disabilities as a product of an initiative called Curb Cuts to the Middle Class. This guide is extremely helpful to companies looking to hire people with disabilities or for those looking to freshen up their diversity policies. The guide is […]