Disability Employment Statistics: How Is Your State Doing?

Earlier this year a new study was released that highlighted disability statistics around the United States. Are you curious where your home state lands in the disability employment conversation? The 2015 Disability Statistics Annual Report is a publication of the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability Statistics and Demographics. In the study they compare […]

How Can Your Company Recruit Individuals with Disabilities in 2016?

Hiring individuals with disabilities is more popular than ever before. Companies around the county are willing to speak about the success they’ve had with employees and the public is starting to notice the amazing retention rates and other benefits of hiring people with disabilities. It’s hard to believe that even 10-15 years ago people with […]

Why You Need to Make Disability Employment a Priority for Your Business in 2016

Make Disability Employment a Priority for Your Business Hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense and it provides opportunities to individuals who are looking for a work identity. If your business is not making disability employment a priority in 2016, then you are falling behind. Here are the main reasons why you should be […]

Why Workforce Diversity Matters to Your Business

Workforce diversity is the bringing together of a variety of people to one workplace. This workplace would be comprised of people with a wide range of experiences, backgrounds and characteristics. Those key characteristics that make workforce diversity include: race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, ability and sexual orientation. Why is this important to your business? Companies that […]

2015 Marks the 70th Anniversary of Celebrating October’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Perhaps you read that title and thought “what is National Disability Employment Awareness Month?” Every October, the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) celebrates disability and employment on a larger scale. They highlight business advocates, share success stories and create useful resources all throughout the month of October. This awareness month encourages all disability advocates […]

How to Raise Awareness About Mental Health in Your Workplace

mental health, awareness, workplace, disability

Following the horrific shooting of a TV journalist and cameraman on-air in Virginia last month, many employers and employees have started to think about mental health in the workplace. While the gunman did not have a documented mental illness, many think his mental state could have impacted this tragic outcome. While we cannot always prevent […]