6 Tactics for Successful Job Search in the New Economy

6 Tactics for More Effective Job Hunting

The employment numbers are out for the month of May and they continue to be dismal with unemployment at 7.6% and only 175,000 jobs added. According to a recent article, we needed an extra 12,400,000 jobs since January 2008 to accommodate population growth and job loss since January 2008 IF we want to get back […]

Your Recurring Nightmare… Online Applications

Leveraging Company Culture to Build a Strong Brand

Your Recurring Nightmare, Online Applications   If you’re like the vast majority of job seekers you’re spending all your time chasing posted jobs on company websites and Internet job boards. You’re diligently filling out numerous online applications, which can take an hour or more, and hoping against hope that someone will somehow review your impressive […]

Distinguish Yourself BEFORE Your Scheduled Interview

How to Show You're the Best Fit & Stand Out in the Interview Process

Regardless of the favorable numbers that were just released a few days ago concerning the slight drop in the unemployment rate and the slow but steady growth of the economy, as a job seeker you continue to face incredible competition for each and every position you apply for, especially for the higher-paying jobs that are […]

Stop Playing the Internet Lottery!

Strategizing Your Job Search

Still chasing posted jobs on numerous job boards and company websites?  Still following the C*R*A*P approach to job search (Clicking, Reviewing, Applying, and Praying)? Still discouraged because nothing is happening? Think of today’s job market as an iceberg. Posted jobs appear on the tip of the iceberg. Those are the jobs that are advertised for […]

The Importance of Differentiation

Proactive Strategies for Differentiating Yourself in the Job Search

Today’s job market is incredibly competitive and, as more and more of you are finding out, the traditional system of finding employment which relies on “powerful” resumes and cover letters no longer works. Despite being reminded of this fact every day, your mindset still dictates that all you need to get noticed and get in […]

Human Resources – Your Biggest Obstacle to Finding Employment

Obstacles to Landing A New Job

How many times have you submitted your resume for what seems to be the perfect job? Your skills, experience, and expertise scream that you’re a great match for the position. Your excitement builds in anticipation of that phone call inviting you in for an interview. You realize that you did all the right things, following […]