We have had the summer time theme going here at Performance I Create all month long. We have heard from our contributors and some guest bloggers about summer time and what it means to them – mostly from the HR view. Summertime For me the seasons have become somewhat blurry. With both of my children […]

LASHRM: Where Are You Going to Go?

LASHRM: Where Are You Going to Go? LASHRM is in the bag for another year.  I was pleased to be a part of this year’s event. This conference will be remembered as the planes, trains, buses, and $220 cab rides conference for all of the difficulty many folks had in getting to Baton Rouge.  The […]


The opening Keynote of Louisiana SHRM was titled “I Come From the Water.”   In his presentation Kris Dunn did an awesome job of relating many phenomenon in popular culture and society and how they apply to our world, and our business lives. Kris related different TV character to some of our problem and stand out […]

Merry Christmas from The HR Czar

Merry Christmas from The HR Czar Here at Performance I Create we have been attempting to share some holiday cheer.  I wanted to do something a little different and invite you into the Ryan home and share a few of our holiday traditions. I hope you enjoy this video piece … Happy Holidays and best […]

HR Lessons From the NFL

HR Lessons From the NFL So, lately, the NFL has been in the news about an incident which is still unfolding with the Miami Dolphins.  For the time being, this incident is centering around a couple of players – Johnathon Martin and Richie Incognito. The accusations range from bullying to racial discrimination to hazing and […]

Human Resources Should Bet on Business and Money to Drive Results

Understanding the Financial Impact of ACA Taxes and Fees on Employers

What can YOU do to bring YOURSELF and HR to the forefront in your organization?  This question is posed over and over in different fashion or formats, but the underlying premise remains the same (what can I/we do to make HR more relevant?) I tend to have a default answer to this question, and it […]