The Power of Flexibility at Work

What will working habits look like in the year 2030? There’ll be plenty of changes, no doubt – and we’re not talking about robot bosses. The biggest shifts are more fundamental than that. In fact, we don’t even need to fast-forward to reach them. They’ve already begun. The COVID-19 pandemic showed employees what flexibility at […]

The Importance of Self-Reflections in Performance Reviews

As the world continues to change at an increasingly rapid pace, it’s critical for your organization to pause and reflect and create opportunities for your employees to do the same. Coaching your employees to discover their own personal purpose can help them gain clarity on their meaning at work and better connect with the work […]

Learnings From Companies Who Prioritize Employee Development

It’s no question that a career growth and development program is essential for any Culture First company. In addition to building a more skilled workforce, development opportunities are strongly linked to higher employee engagement levels and employee retention. Not to mention that our research also found development to be a key differentiating factor when it […]