Creating a Personal Vision for Work/Life in 10 Steps

Perhaps you work too hard or maybe you’re struggling to find the right job.  Either way, living your daily grind can feel a lot like a hamster wheel you just can’t seem to get off of.  Being so close to the detail sometimes makes it very difficult to see the forest through the trees and […]

#Crowdsourcing Appreciative Inquiry and New Plants

#Crowdsourcing continues to be quite the buzz word in both business and across the internet as endless examples of people coming together to collaborate and solving problems continues to deliver extraordinary outcomes. New insights into why #crowdsourcing works also continue to pop up paying homage to the importance of unlocking the power of diversity in ways […]

Is #Crowdfunding the Cure for Unemployment?

When one hears the word Crowdfunding they might be inclined to think about Kickstarter, an example of a web site that connects financial backers to small business start ups based on a donation.  People who give money to a start up on Kickstarter do not own a piece of that business nor will they receive […]

How to Hire and Interview for EQ

With the demands of today’s rapid change in business it can be a challenge for even the best leaders and employees to keep from responding reactively and even keeled.  Applicants who tote a steady string of successes may actually be indicating they are over-confident or invincible, which may impair their ability to take calculated risks […]

Solve Your Workplace Issues By Crowdsourcing

It goes without saying that the internet and collaboration tools have allowed us to be connected in ways we have never been before.  With so much possibility it can be hard to know exactly what to do with it.  Sure, we have easy access to created content, records, work flows and customer files but what […]

Out At Work

By now just about everyone has heard the apothegm, ” were here were queer get used to it”. Coming Out At Work The LGBT movement has quickly emerged as one of the most successful human rights initiatives in my lifetime thanks to enormous changes in culture, entertainment, media, public attitudes, and legal systems during the […]