Listening Is a Leadership and People Skill

“Put down the electronics and pay attention, be present.” This statement can be overheard at dinner tables, little league games, ballet recitals and now boardrooms. We’ve lost ourselves in our smartphones, tablets and giant screens. 24/7 accessibility is killing our communication skills, relationships and careers. We’ve forgotten how to listen. Can You & Your Organization […]

In Work and Life Failure Is Always an Option

There is a ton written about strong leaders and their success. The attributes that make them great, typically, can be defined by the 5 C’s: charismatic, convincing, credible, capable and creative. But what about those legendary leaders that fell short, time and time again? These are the leaders that I admire most. For they are […]

Be Memorable When Creating Your Employer Brand

Corporate branding and organizational story telling are big business. Just look at BP and the $211 million they spent for their logo design alone. Crazy? Maybe not. After all, powerful logos and messaging evoke emotion and influence. Not all organizations are this extreme when it comes to their branding spend, but those successful and sought-after […]

Innovation: Begins With An Ending

Innovation: Begins With An Ending   Take a step back and look at your life, your work, yourself. Do you see excess? Is there too much emphasis on one area of your life? Are you running a rat race that can’t be won? If I were a betting person, I wouldn’t hesitate placing a decent […]

What Does House of Cards Have to Do With Employee Personalities

Throughout our careers we grow as professionals and individuals. But does our outlook and drive change? Do our personalities adjust from one stage of life to another? Or are we the same bright-eyed and bushy-tailed individuals we were 10, 15, 20+ years ago? Maybe, maybe not. Below are seven personality types that you are sure […]

40 Considerations When Choosing Your Next ATS

No two HR Technologies are created equal. Repeat this to yourself frequently when looking to make a change or when adding new technologies to your HR tool belt. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are no different. In fact, I would go as far as to say choosing the right ATS for your organization and your organization […]