Get Back On Track: Ask “What Is Going On?”

You’re zooming along with the activities of your day and notice that something feels off, not quite right. It’s a vague feeling, one that says you’re getting thrown off balance. You could just ignore it and forge ahead. But that usually leads to drifting off course, away from your own center, creating even more of […]

Leaders Guide to Identifying & Nuturing Relationships

When a relationship has a powerful effect on something really important to you, it’s a vital relationship, and one that is central to your success and well-being. These relationships need extra attention and care. When you look around for your most significant relationships and pull them into focus, you can start to pick out the […]

Avoiding Guilt & Obligation in the Workplace

Somebody asks you to do something that tweaks your sense of obligation. It could be a favor. It could be a contribution to a good cause. Maybe you feel manipulated. That sneaky feeling of obligation should put you on red alert to take a moment to pause. Think about whether you are responding out of […]