Leaders: How to Recognize Overfunctioning In Your Workplace

Do you feel burdened at work, or like you’re doing more than your share? You may be over-functioning. Taking more responsibility than is reasonable or realistic is sign of over-functioning. If you’re a leader or a hard worker and your tendency is to jump in and do the job, even when it isn’t yours, and […]

Secrets to Developing Workplace Listening Skills

We all know that listening is a really good thing to do and that we should do more of it, especially with people we care about. But there are so many things that can get in the way of doing this well. If you’re distracted, impatient, or want to be somewhere else, you won’t have […]

Inspiring Enthusiasm & Minimumizing Disruption in Your Employees

Your vision for what is possible isn’t something to keep to yourself. Let others see what you see. Share with them what you really care about. Bring them into your heart and show them the possibilities. If you are taking a stand on something controversial, make that crystal clear, so others can join you and […]

Reactivity Steals IQ Points: What You Can Do About It

Think back to the last time you felt REALLY threatened. Did you feel a haze of confusion set in? A feeling of being frozen? Your mind in temporary lock-down? Obsessing over something you said or did? Unreasonable black/white conclusions? Trying so hard to be right that you stumbled over yourself? Feeling spacey or disconnected from […]

Think & Feel Your Way to Wise Leadership Decisions

When you’re thinking clearly and feeling fully, you’ll often make your best decisions. A clear head and full heart leads to well-considered choices that you can stand behind with confidence. When your head informs your heart, and your heart offers its special brand of information to your head, you’re plugged into a lot of valuable […]

How Leaders Can Grow Your Confidence

When you recognize and take ownership of your value, you strengthen the foundation for your confidence. Your value can be viewed in two ways; as relative and as intrinsic. How Leaders Can Grow Your Confidence Relative value Your relative value is conditional. It’s established through social and economic systems. We are all valued for specific […]