Lessons in Employee Motivation, Appreciation & Performance from GenY

Lessons in Employee Motivation, Appreciation & Performance Where do you spend a majority (or at least a good chunk) of your time? Work. And do you feel valued or appreciated for all of the work you do? If you’re like nearly half of employees out there, there’s a good chance the answer is “no.” Earlier […]

The Power of Face-to-Face Networking for Recruitment & Job Search

There’s no denying it. I love social media and all things the Internet has to offer (with the exception of privacy breaches). And while there’s unlimited opportunity to connect with new people – from potential candidates to future employers – focusing your attention solely online is a misstep. It might not be a glaring mistake […]

The Power of Storytelling for Recruiters

Recruiting Meets Digital Storytelling

Recruiting Meets Digital Storytelling When it comes to recruiting and hiring, we know one thing to be true: interviewing can make or break a candidate. Maybe there really is a lack of experience, skill-related issue not easily determined by scanning a resume or simply heavy competition, but typically, if they’re good enough to be brought […]

Confessions of a Passive Job Seeker and a Terrible Candidate Experience

My experience as a passive job seeker

At this point, we can all agree that candidate experience is important, right? Good. With that in mind, I want to share a personal story – one that was prompted by a poor candidate experience from an unlikely culprit and one that is extraordinarily unusual because I am, in fact, not actively seeking employment. These […]

The 3 I’s of an Effective Social Recruitment Campaign

Best Practices for Social Recruiting

Is Recruiting on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest a Social Recruitment? Social media. You either love it or hate it, but for the time being, it’s here to stay. And while it may not be the primary route for every single company in every single industry, it has played a huge role for many – from […]

How to Improve Your Productivity & Fulfillment at Work

Productivity & Fulfillment at Work

Earlier this week, the 13th Annual Illinois HR Conference and Expo (ILSHRM) took place near Chicago. As usual, there were some great keynotes, as well as concurrent sessions.  And out of two nearly full days of information on everything from candidate experience to labor law, one thing really stood out as a topic for further […]