What To Look for When Interviewing a Candidate

what to look for when interviewing a candidate

A friend who is job searching recently asked me what I look for in a candidate during an interview. The answer, of course, is that it depends on the role I’m trying to fill, and the company I’m working for. I recently read something on LinkedIn that suggested you look at a candidate’s behavior in […]

Job Descriptions: Getting Back to Basics

job descriptions: getting back to basics

There is a ton of information available online regarding how to make job announcements that stand out. You ought to try video. (Spoiler: yeah!) Is it advisable to eliminate outdated boilerplate formatting? Probably. But in essence, every job seeker is looking for the same four things, and a good job description must include these in […]

The Rules of Employee Engagement

the rules of employee engagement

What exactly is employee engagement, and why should we care? And if we do understand it, who is responsible for it? Is engagement HR’s purview? Are managers responsible for their staff’s engagement? Or should employees own their own engagement? Defining Engagement First, let’s define engagement. Most HR pros believe they understand instinctively what it means, […]