Legal, Compliance and Fines – Oh My!

As we make our way through our work week that is the yellow brick road, we are sometimes startled by the issues that are thrown our way. Often times the issues with which we are faced involve grievances from employees and complaints of unfair treatment. Because we are bright, we have not fallen asleep in […]

Protect and Serve

Recently my husband, son and I toured a local police station (yes, a tour, not a court ordered reservation). Prior to the visit my husband and I asked our son if he knows what the police do. His response: “They catch bad people.” While that seems to be a normal reaction from a second-grader, I […]

Peace and Thank You!

Peace and Thank You! Thank you for your support of Performance I Create! It has been a fun year. I hope you have enjoyed what we have shared with you and that we have encouraged you to try something different and grow in your career. Wishing you a peaceful holiday season! ~ Tiffany [youtube video=”nIOPGTlsjtA” […]

KS SHRM State Conference Recap

KS SHRM State Conference Recap In the middle of the United States, among fields of corn and soybeans, silos and wild native sunflowers, lies a place that was once home to likes of George Washington Carver, Wyatt Earp, Lucinda Todd and Bob Dole. This place? Kansas! In addition to the noted Kansans, this great state […]

Smile, You’re In HR!

For those of us working in office buildings, we often find ourselves bumping into familiar faces of coworkers on a regular basis. Be it in the cafeteria while filling the coffee cup, in the hallway on the way to a meeting, or meandering through the cube farms. On occasion we nod and smile, wave, or […]

Free Your Mind

The True Meaning of Diversity in the Workplace

In many situations, it invokes emotions and heated debates like nothing else and in other situations it stimulates innovation and growth, leading companies to great success. IT is nine letters, one word. Diversity. Free Your Mind How can one “thing” result in two such varying outcomes? Simple. With diversity comes difference. It involves variances in […]