Company Loathes Misery

No one needs to tell you the top three or ten reasons why employees leave. You are an employee, you know why people leave jobs, and odds are you have resigned from a post for one reason or another. It is likely due to something being askew with the company culture; pay, leadership, lack of […]

How To Evolve, Advance, and Thrive in HR

It is no secret that today’s Human Resources, or Human Capital, industry made its way onto the scene as The Personnel Department. In a time long before sophisticated networks housed human resources information systems, when employee information was maintained on 3×5 index cards in a file cabinet down the hall, we were signing and cutting […]

Inspiring Achievements of Black Americans

Dr. Carter G. Woodson, founder of the Association of the Study of Negro Life and History, created Negro History Week in 1926 as an initiative to bring attention to the contributions of black people throughout American history. Because it coincided with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, the second week in February was designated […]

Management By Book of the Month

Our friend Chris Ponder wrote an article for Performance I Create titled Why Trend Following Can Hurt Performance. In this post he talks about fads and trends and how they can be effectively applied to individual performance. When he mentioned his post, the first thing that came to mind for me are the trends that […]

Employee Engagement is an Emotional Activity

According to a Dale Carnegie study, employee engagement is ‘the emotional and functional commitment an employee has to his or her organization”. This study shows: $11 Billion is lost annually due to employee turnover Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202% 71% of all employees are not fully engaged Employee Engagement […]

3 Tips to Get the Most from Feedback

3 Tips to Get the Most from Feedback There are a lot of overused, misused, and stale management words used in the workplace, especially buzz words like “granular”, “leading-edge”, “synergy”, etc. Like me, I’m sure you hear them every day, and you have your favorites. There are those that make you cringe every time someone […]