Artificial Intelligence and How it Can Revolutionize Human Resources

You have probably heard about artificial intelligence before. Indeed, it is something that is changing our personal and business lives. This technology is advanced and it can allow a company to run more efficiently. This is particularly true for human resources when it comes to time-consuming and mundane tasks.


What is Artificial Intelligence?


Technology plays a big part in our lives and the emergence of advanced artificial intelligence is making this more apparent. Artificial intelligence, which many people referred to as AI, is innovative software that allows a machine to carry out certain tasks that a human can do. The name comes from the fact that a machine can use human-like intelligence in order to perform a variety of operations.

There are different types of artificial intelligence. For instance, there is machine learning. This means that software can learn from previous experience and perform better next time. This can be beneficial for a lot of businesses and it can improve the efficiency of operations.


How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Human Resources?


Artificial intelligence and the technological innovation it can bring to the workplace can have a positive impact on human resources. For instance, think about the process of recruitment. Anybody that works in human resources knows that the recruitment process is long and costly, as well as being boring. It all starts by going through thousands of applications to find the right candidates. Then you have to organize the interviews and train new employees.

But the good news is artificial intelligence can make this process easier and more efficient. Thankfully, there are people that are investing in technology. For example, Tej Kohli of the Tej Kohli Cornea Program is not only helping people regain their eyesight. He is also investing in smart technology and artificial intelligence that can make a difference. This includes those that might help a business. 

So, back to how this technology can help you. Well, artificial intelligence has now created automated resume screeners. This saves someone having to grow through all of the applications by hand. You can simply program it to highlight the candidate you are looking for. This is going to cut down the time it takes to find the right employee. For example, if you are looking for candidates that already have a Bachelor’s degree or another specific qualification, artificial intelligence software can find this and highlight the candidate for an interview.

There are also a lot of mundane tasks in human resources that can be completed by artificial intelligence. This can include a lot of paperwork or data entry. By choosing to have AI, you can take these tasks out of your employee’s hands and allow more time for important tasks. This is going to improve the efficiency of companies, as well as allow employees to get on more pressing matters. Artificial intelligence can even help with training new employees since this is often a burdensome task that can take a lot of time.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

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