Are You Getting Hired by a Company That is Cautious or Aggressive in 2014? #recruittrends

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As a recruitment professional, I have had the opportunity to see it all. When it is hot, it is HOT. When it is cold, it can be ICE COLD. As we enter 2014, what is the trend we will see? In 2013, I saw cautious, yet aggressive hiring. The recession we had seen seems to be coming to a close, and the unemployment claims are continuing to lower.

So, in 2014, I think we will see a bit of the same. Many companies have lofty goals to double, triple, and quadruple their staff. Other companies will be cautious, looking at their quarterly earnings and make hires strategically. They want to make every hire count.

So where does this leave you as a candidate? Which company are you talking to? It is important to identify which kind of company you are talking with. Your approach may be completely different. It may mean the difference of you getting hired or not hired.

If you are talking to a company that is being cautious, here are a couple of things that you must do:

1) Be Patient- A smaller organization or a cautious company may want to evaluate you a little longer. They understand the economy is hot and they want to make the “Right” decision. Keep your current job, and understand that the process may be longer than most hires. Don’t get frustrated and show your frustration. They will just go with another candidate

2) Be Prepared to Meet EveryoneCulture fit is very important to companies these days. Smile, drink the water they offer you in the interview process and take a big breath. Think of this as a positive. The more you know about them, the more certain you will be about the role you would be taking

If you are talking to a company that is aggressive, here are couple of other things you must do:

1) Be Prepared to Move Fast– If you are interviewing with a company Giant with huge plans for growth, be prepared to make switch jobs quickly. They are not going to wait for you and will move on to the next candidate if you aren’t mentally ready. Have your mind made up that you are ready to make a change and when and if they make an offer, be ready to say “Yes”

2) Know Your Number– Believe me, if a company is moving quickly, they have the budget to do so. Ask early in the process what their budget is for the role and make sure it aligns with you are looking to make. You make a significant pay raise if the company is looking for your skillset, or you may not if they don’t have the budget.

Which is better Cautious or Aggressive Companies?

Neither scenarios are bad.  As a candidate, you need to know which one you are facing.  Ways to find out if they are cautious or aggressive is relatively easy.  Make sure you look at the company financials. If they have had a couple of bad quarters, they may be gunshy, but if they have exceeded all expectations, they are going full steam ahead.  Ask what their hiring forecast looks like in 2014. See how many people they have hired in the last quarter, and year.

Once you do these things, you will know what kind of company you are having conversations with.  Act accordingly, once you make the determination, and you will have the best chance of landing your next job!

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Will Thomson

Will Thomson lives in Austin, Texas, and works for Rosetta Stone as the global sales and marketing recruiter. He has been in recruitment and sales for 20 years. He has recruited some of the most sought-after talent around the globe, and is a regular blogger for the recruitment industry. Connect with Will.


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