All Your SHRM 11 Blogs in One Pretty Package

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The SHRM 2011 Annual Conference is upon us, and you are overwhelmed.  It’s hard to follow the Twitter stream these days with the number of noise from vendors, bloggers, random hash tag thieves, and friends who are tweeting along the way.  Or maybe you don’t tweet at all and you are looking for a place to find coverage of the conference straight from the fingers of conference attendees, bloggers, and video bloggers.

I have designed a website page specifically for those bloggers and traditional media who will be tweeting and blogging at the conference which starts officially on Sunday, June 26th.  That place is HR Blogger.  Think of it as a blog & media content collector.  The site highlights and features bloggers, practioners, recruiters, talent management, and HR pros who are developing and creating great blog articles and content brining it together all in one place.  We have two special SHRM conference pages — one dedicated to the bloggers and media who are attending the SHRM 2011 event and a separate page that organizes and displays the #shrm11 Twitter stream.

All Your SHRM 11 Blogs in One Pretty Package

At HR Blogger, my goal is to bring the best HR, Recruiting, and Talent Management Blogs in one place for the bloggers that are my friends, colleagues, and clients I work with and train them.  You may remember that in 2009, I created the first ever HR Blogging Directory featuring some of the best HR, Job Search, and Recruiting blogs throughout the world.  And in 2011, HR Blogger is the next generation of that directory.

Looking for some more resources to help you at SHRM 2011?  Take a look at some great resources below:

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