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Employee Handbook Basics for Small Business

Handbooks raise a lot of questions—especially for small businesses. Some small business owners wonder if they even need one. If there is a handbook, what should be included, and how can you ensure that the information in your handbook accurately reflects relevant labor laws? It is a good idea to have an employee handbook because […]

You Should Tear Up Your Employee Handbook and Start Over #SHRM14

You Should Tear Up Your Employee Handbook and Start Over #SHRM14 I’m coming to you from sunny (and hot, even for a Texan) Orlando, FL where I’m #SHRM14. First off, the national SHRM conferences is probably my favorite HR conference — so I look forward to it every year. I love the speakers, the exhibit […]

8 Musts For Your Employee Handbook

Lists for your For Your Employee Handbook

8 Musts For Your Employee Handbook As 2010 begins to come to a close, companies and their human resource teams are talking, forecasting, and planning for the upcoming year. While numbers are being crunched and turnover data evaluated, it is equally important in your 2011 planning and budgeting to take inventory of hot topics, recent […]

Employee Handbook – Protecting at Will Employment

Characteristics of an Employee Handbook Written to Protect Employment At Will

At Will Employment – What Is It? “At Will” employment is the term used for the basic employment adage that an employer can fire any worker for any reason or for no reason at all… for good cause or bad cause; an employee is employed “at the will” of the employer and the employer determines […]