7 Travel Must-Haves for #SXSW

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This is my second year to attend South by Southwest and there are so many things I wish I would’ve known or done better my first time around! The frenzy of conference sessions, networking opportunities, parties and more pretty much drained not only myself, but all my devices simentaneously. Whether your a veteran or a first timer this list will help deliver an exceptional experience during your time in Austin.

SXSWi will be sure to be a blast, but make sure to follow these tips if you’re going to stay charged for the entire six days.

 7 Travel Must-Haves for SXSW

Juice Pack

This is always #1 on our list because it’s probably the most important thing to have at a conference like this. For me, I use my Mophie Space Pack & Powerstation Duo. These two devices have kept my phone charged throughout the day without me having to struggle in finding an outlet — like the other hundreds of people who flock around the convention center for that coveted spot. With a device like my mophie i’m free to go wherever and whenever without worrying about that 20% battery notification. Day saved.


We all know this is on everyone’s must-have list for SXSW. You not only start your day with meetings or an early conference session, but you end your day at 3-4am after networking…errr…partying all night. Be sure to grab a starbucks giftcard and download the app before you head over to Austin for ease of use. What am I saying? We’re all pros here, we should know this!

Hand Sanatizer

Let’s face it, people are gross. I don’t want your germs and I’m sure you don’t want mine. Let’s keep the world a cleaner place and use sanitzer everywhere. With this many people in one defined area we want to make sure that no one gets sick. If you’re sick, don’t come. I don’t want you sneezing on the doorknob that i’m opening to get to my next conference. That is all!

Comfortable Shoes

If you’re a veterans you should already know this, but for newbies, don’t leave home with comfortable shoes. You’re staying right next to the hotel you say? Doesn’t matter. You’ll be walking all over downtown Austin looking for the next big party. Networking at night will be tremenedous and comfortable shoes will go along way in making sure you have the best and most productive evening.

Hangover Remedies

Yes, you will have hangovers and you might even feel like death a few times. Bring plenty of hangover remedies to make sure you’re 100% for the next day of conference sessions and parties. Not sure what to bring? Blogging4Jobs has you covered! All you need to do is attend our Social Siesta Party on Saturday March 8th to receive an exclusive Hangover Remedy Kit! We’re on a waitlist, but we’re opening more spots up next week!

Mini Essentials Kit

Sounds weird right? Let’s say you’re far away from your hotel and you don’t have time to run back and freshen up before a party or dinner with a potential client. Be sure to pack plenty of travel sizes in floss, breath freshener, deodorant towelette, pain relievers, tampons, hairspray, nail polish remover, etc. It’s important! Stay clean and fresh all day long at SXSW. You don’t want to be that person that everyone talks about.

Nice Travel Bag

I hate traveling when I’m cramming and overloading my travel bag. Make sure to have a big enough purse that isn’t heavy so you won’t get tired of carrying it around or a laptop bag that’s comfortable strapped around you for long periods of time. It happens, you’re walking all day long and constantly moving. Don’t get tired with a horrible bag.

So what did I miss? What’s your favorite go to travel items for conference season this year. Heading to SXSW? Don’t forget to signup for our Social Siesta. It’s going to be a blast.

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