7 Detrimental Social Media Mistakes Recruiters Make

Human beings are prone to make mistakes in life, whether you are young or old, new or experienced, a prospect or an employer. Even though fresh graduates are likely to make mistakes in their first ever job interview, recruiters can also at times flounder in their own way.

Social media has revolutionized the hiring process of newcomers from around the world. Even so, there are certain rules and aspects that need to be taken into consideration for this to work. Without a strategy, employers may even lose some of the best candidates — just like that.

7 Detrimental Social Media Mistakes Recruiters Make

Watch out for the following social media deathtraps that could spike the honor and integrity of your business:

Mistake #1: Skimming Through Your Candidate’s Resume

It is understandable that perhaps there is more than one applicant for the recommended post, but that doesn’t mean you should skim through resumes. This damages the overall review process, such that you could either recruit a total slacker or dismiss a fully capable candidate.

Ensure that you go through the CVs, resumes and portfolios with great care. It will also help you determine if they have the necessary skills and talents to be employed into your company.

Mistake #2: Missing Out On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network, but for professionals. Even though you have viewed the candidate’s uploaded resume, you may want to see how large and strong their network is, as well as references.

Mistake #3: Not Having a Precise Social Media Strategy

Understand that social media is by far the quickest and most powerful way to create tons of opportunities to connect with future employees and without one your business won’t be able to gain the desired attention.

For your social media strategy to fly, you need to clearly define your company’s recruiting goals. You can do all of this with Twitter and Facebook. However, you also have to constantly communicate with your candidates online in order to keep them interested. You also need to write the company’s profile carefully and completely, mentioning each and everything that your company does (take for instance providing masters dissertation help) and its goals (for example to provide the turnkey solutions, etc.).

Mistake #4: Not Making Appropriate Connections

A highly qualified candidate has to have the right kind of connections within the right industry. That being said, you must ensure that whatever applicant comes to you online, they have to have proper connections like LinkedIn, your official Facebook page and others.

You can even fish out candidates from your clients and coworkers who have in fact made excellent connections with those candidates.

Mistake #5: Not Identifying Your Target Audience

The target audience is specific and essential for the growth of an organization. Being able to identify your audience will help your brand and really  get your business rolling. Thanks to the responsiveness of social media, you will be able to get results faster and cheaper as well.

It is imperative that you monitor the many social networking channels of your candidates, to learn more about them and their connections with other companies.

Mistake #6: Not Having An Attractive Online Presence

Anybody can use social media these days so you are dead wrong if you think that you can just whip up an account without working to make it distinctive. Having an attractive online presence is all about creativity, and what really piques the interest of upcoming applicants is how attractive your social media recruiting campaign is.

You must present all of the opportunities that your business presents on your Facebook and other social media channels. Clearly state your mission, mandate and future goals that interest your target candidates.

Mistake #7: Not Reaching Out To Fresh Graduates

Seeing as how most college students or graduates are usually found online, social recruiting is the perfect opportunity for you to grab the attention of your candidates there and then. Clearly communicating your employer brand on social media will help fresh graduates to quickly grasp the work ethic and morals of your business.


Hiring the right employee takes more than just posting a job. It requires a systematic strategy to sieve through the clutter to find the candidates that can be an excellent asset to the company. So, follow the aforementioned guidelines and be up to minute with the best industry practices when recruiting potential candidates for your company.

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