7 Brands Who Are Spreading the Holiday Cheer

o matter which holiday you celebrate or if it’s not one at all, it is hard to miss all of the advertising that comes with the season. These days it seems every brand — large and small — tries to get in on a little holiday magic. Here are a few holiday favorites from some brands that you are sure to recognize, and maybe one new one. Well, #6 was new to me at least.


1. Apple: The “Misunderstood” video is a sign of our digital times and without any dialogue invokes a strong sense of family. Which is what all of this is about, right?

2. Penske: Not what you’d imagine from a truck leasing company, Penske partnered with a popular Vine maker to say “Happy Holidays” and bring us six seconds of cheer.



3. GEICO: So, this is a bit of a shameless plug, but if you head over to the GEICO Careers Facebook page you’ll see all sorts of holiday decorations, including a “Gecko on the Shelf” album.

4. HP: Six rather talented employees from HP wish you a very merry Christmas. And, there’s even a hashtag to go with the video #MakeitMerry.

5. Target: Pinterest is great for holiday planning and it seems the Target Careers team is pretty smart. Check out their pins on the “Target Holiday 2013” board.

6. Starbucks: Following the famed coffee store on Twitter? You may want to check in with @Starbucks and @StarbucksStore for great discounts and coupons.

7. WestJet: Brilliant, brilliant. Words can’t describe the amazing holiday magic from this Canadian airline.

I scoured the Internet using as many black belt Boolean search strings that I could think of to find employer brand holiday examples to share with you. Please share your ideas or corporate-holiday-themed links below.


How has your company said “Season’s Greetings” online or via social media this year? Are you planning any special holiday status updates, blog articles or tweets?

From my Family to Yours …. Happy Holidays & Have a Wonderful New Year!

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