61% of HR Professionals Will Divorce in Next 18 Months

The Pain of a Bad HR Technology Marriage

It’s great being in love except when it’s not what I signed up for it to be. That’s exactly how I feel about HR technology and human resources.

61% of HR Pros Are Divorcing Their HR Technology in the Next 18 Months

Whether we like it or not, HR technology is essential to the modern human resource department. As our workplaces become more virtual, spanning across oceans recruiters, HR professionals and business leaders need access to employee information, candidate profiles, time keeping and payroll data at a moments notice. Technology at work that doesn’t meet our current business needs causes work delays, low productivity and more than a few administrative headaches.

Paycom’s infographic on finding your HR soulmate (shown below) inspired me to think through the importance of selecting HR technology as it touches every employee and manager in your workplace.

That Time That Your HR Technologies Sucked

Working with an HR technology is more than a service contract, it’s a commitment, almost a marriage if you will. Both parties working together except often times in marriages and relationships, one person ends up doing all the work while the other gets all the benefits. That other person just didn’t hold up their end of the relationship bargain and sometimes with HR technology, it’s time to move on and shop for new HR tech. My top reasons for divorcing HR Tech? Here are three real-world scenarios I experienced working in human resources with technology.

  • Maybe your HR technology is not making processing payroll seamless as was advertised. Seamless, it’s more like a bumpy dirt road you’re driving down in rural Kansas. 
  • It takes 17 clicks to hire one person in your ATS only to have to send that TPS report to the HR Service Center to have your new hire entered or terminated within the system because the two technologies aren’t integrated together.
  • That email you receive reminding you to print off and mail those COBRA forms to that newly departed employee.

Thankfully, my HR technology contract wasn’t till death do us part. I found someone new. What’s your biggest frustration when it comes to HR technology?

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  1. Sabra Reyes says

    We are actually in the midst of this now with Ceridian and evaluating Paycom among many others. I keep wondering if “Mr. Right” actually exists or will I keep searching forever?! You get so many promises from potential vendors and they can do this and that, but when it comes down to implementation they can’t deliver. I love the infographic!

    Hopefully this journey ends soon in a blissful marriage…maybe not for life but a long time!

    • Ryan Brush says

      Sabra, our company is in the very very early consideration of this move as well from Ceridian. I would really be excited to hear the decision you ultimately make.

      The road ahead looms, but has a bright light I think! Please add me if you wouldn’t mind as I would really like to gain some perspective.

      Jessica, thank you for this article as it is very informative, well thought out and creative. It has been a challenge and like anything, it’s nice to hear of ways to tackle it. I look forward to more!

      Ryan Brush



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