5 Ways to Be Mentally and Physically Alert for Your Interview

If you’re going in for an interview, you probably want to put your best foot forward.

A big part of making sure you do well is making sure you’re as mentally and physically prepared as possible to answer any tough questions and make a great impression.

Unfortunately, this can often be tough.  Life tends to get in the way and maybe the night before you don’t sleep well, you’re nervous or you get a call right before that stresses you out.  

Fortunately, these five tips are great ways to ensure that no matter what is going on in your life, you can be as prepared as possible so that you nail your interview.


5 Ways to Be Mentally and Physically Alert for Your Interview


Without further ado, here are five great ways to prepare before your interview.

1. Exercise

Exercising is one of the easiest ways to wake yourself up and increase your alertness.

Doing some quick exercises boosts blood flow to your brain, increases hormones associated with wakefulness and increases brain electrical activity.  

There are many different ways you can get some exercise in the morning before your interview.

Here are some examples:

  • Run for 20 minutes
  • Do 100 pushups
  • Go for a 20-minute bike ride
  • Stretch for 15 minutes

2. Drink Water

Some studies have shown that over 75% of people don’t drink as much water as they should and are chronically dehydrated.

If you’re preparing for an interview and you’re dehydrated you probably won’t perform as well.

This is because having even 3% less water than you should in your body can lead to tiredness which could make you less prepared to make a good impression or answer a tough question.  

A few hours before you have your interview, drink several glasses of water to boost alertness.  

If you want to be even more prepared, drink 10 glasses of water the day before your interview as well to ensure you are consistently hydrated.

Just make sure you don’t forget to use the restroom before the interview starts!

3. Yogic Breathing

Yogic breathing is another great way to increase the oxygen in your body and promote focus and alertness.

Simply inhale/exhale rapidly for 15 seconds and then breathe normally for 15 seconds before repeating.  

Another way to do it is by taking a deep breath for 4 counts, holding for 8 counts and exhaling for 7 before repeating 4-5 times.

If you want more detailed information and exercises, read this article.  

If you do these exercises right before your interview, you should feel significantly better during the interview.

4. Power Poses

Science has proven that doing certain power poses with your body can dramatically affect hormone levels in the body that cause interview ruining feelings like stress.

In addition, poor posture can cut off blood flow and make you feel tired during the interview process.  

So what are some poses you can do?

Immediately before your interview, try one of the postures below for 60 seconds in a bathroom or in the parking lot.  You will notice an immediate shift in your mood.

If you want to learn more about using posture to change your mood, watch this TED talk by Amy Cuddy.  

5. Music

Before you walk into your interview, try listening to some upbeat music for a few minutes.

Music can have a powerful effect on your mood and alertness.  If you get up and dance to move your body as well, that’s even better!

Focus on listening to positive and high tempo music which will increase your mood more than slower music.  


Using these 5 tips before your interview will help you put your best foot forward to nail that interview.  Here are some more tips on how to stay awake that can help you prepare even more.  Try some of these tips and figure out which ones work the best for you!


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