5 Virtual Meeting and Workshop Activities You Need to Try

Virtual meetings, workshops, and conferences can make participation and engagement really challenging. What has worked for us for in-person events—like meet your team bingo, scavenger hunt icebreakers or breaking a large group into smaller activity teams—is much more difficult when we are presenting virtually. It’s especially important for HR leaders to have a few tricks up our sleeves to share with our company leaders and make meetings and workshops engaging for a virtual workforce.

Making online meetings engaging is a challenge. Research from MIT Sloan suggests that as many as 50% of virtual meetings are ineffective at holding our attention, accomplishing the goal, and helping move your program, project, or goal forward.


5 Virtual Meeting and Workshop Activities You Need to Try 


Here are just a few tips for turning your virtual meetings into engaging sessions that will hold your online audience’s attention:

 Driving engagement and helping reinforcing the learning and conversation is a challenge especially online. A study found that 23% of managers gave their full attention to online meetings. We are constantly being bombarded, distracted, and loosing focus which is why we need to be intentional in our virtual engagement, learning, and communication efforts. 

Most of us are spending a lot of time presenting online, or trying to keep things interesting for our employees who are teetering on the edge of Zoom burnout. All of these can make your virtual meetings interactive and more engaging.



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  1. geo mihalache says

    Show your face 🙂 Cool ONE. I had an interview last year and I showed my face but the recruiter didn’t. I felt I was talking to myself, so I agree about this one 🙂


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