5 Tools to Help Avoid Social Media Fatigue

Tweet this, post that, status update here, respond there….. are you managing your social media, or is it managing you?

Let’s be honest the pace of social media is damn near light speed at this point. You can post something go grab a cup of coffee and when you get back it has gone viral (even faster if it is a #epicfail).

So how do we stay in engaged without losing our minds or developing a drinking habit? Here is what I have in my toolbox..

5 Tools to Help Avoid Social Media Fatigue


Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that allows you to have all your incoming information (feeds) in one place. It also allows you to schedule your future posts. No more logging in to multiple accounts for posting and tracking.


Flipboard is your own personal magazine delivered in real time. It aggregates news, articles and videos on the topics that interest and delivers them in a simple easy to use interface. This is a huge time saving for getting the content that matters most to you.


Bottlenose is a great research tool. Here is why I love it. You can do a search on anything social (hashtag or whatever) what it does is scours the social channels not only looking for that topic, but all the other things around that topic. So you are able to get robust results on anything with a few clicks. I would have loved this one back in college. Check out sonar button on this site!!!


Are you a brand manager? Or just someone who likes to know what people are saying about a particular company? Icerocket is for you. Think of a google for social conversations. It index’s Blogs, Facebook, and twitter posts and allows you to search for content. This one is a must for Brand managers and researchers.

And now for the Capo di tutti Capo of time savers….


IFTTT (if this then that) puts the internet to work for you. They have recipes for all your social channels. So let’s say you add a new contact in to your phone, it will automatically send them a LinkedIn Request; or follows them on twitter. Another fun one is anytime that you are mentioned on Twitter it will send you a text, or an email or adds it to a spreadsheet in google drive. The possibilities are endless.

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Caleb Fullhart

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