5 Takes On Google for Jobs

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So Google has made another splash in the HR/recruiting space, announcing earlier this week that they are launching Google for Jobs, a specialized search that brings the Google search experience to job hunting. Here’s what people are saying about it.

5 Takes On Google for Jobs

Google to Launch Google for Jobs to Help Americans Find Work

USA Today breaks down the features of the new Google for Jobs search as well as the partnerships it’s formed with job boards and job search engines. These partnerships are necessary because Google aims to provide a comprehensive not exclusive search – exactly what job seekers and recruiters have been dreaming of for so long.

Google to Launch a Jobs Search Engine in the U.S.

Google is good at search in a way that few others can match and they want to bring their expertise to the recruitment space, improving your search experience and contexualizing it so job seekers know beforehand if they really want to apply. For example, it will add commute time to your searches, taking out the guesswork and preventing you from telling yourself tales. “It’s not that far. I could make it work.” This stands to benefit recruiters and hiring managers as well, since it could help filter out candidates who aren’t serious.

Google’s Future Is Useful, Creepy and Everywhere

Olivia Solon says that Google doesn’t care specifically about the recruitment space, although it does like the idea of getting its share of that advertising pie. What Google is really interested in is world domination – getting a good foothold in job search is just another part of its plan to be essential to every part of your life and thereby have loads of marketable data on you.

Google’s AI Chief On Teaching Computers To Learn–And The Challenges Ahead

Harry McCracken talks to Google’s senior VP of engineering John Giannandrea, who is in charge of AI, about Google’s latest products and the challenge of bringing them to market. Regarding Google for Jobs, Giannandrea said that their role would be to change how the recruiting space thinks about and classifies jobs, to improve job search for everyone involved. He told McCracken that they got interesting in the space because “there’s a perception that technology isn’t as relevnt for every demographic. We strongly believe technology should help everybody, no matter what they’re trying to do.”

Indeed.com Taunts Google For Its New Job Search Engine

Ok, I’ll admit that this read doesn’t add much in terms of useful information. But it does add a little drama. Indeed’s president, Chris Hyams, took a not very serious shot at Google over it’s entrance to the job search space. He told the NY Times that “we are happy to see that 13 years after Indeed launched, Google has woken up to the fact that searching for jobs is one of the most important searches in anyone’s life”

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