5 Secrets of Creating a Stellar Recruiting Brand

Building a stellar recruiting brand is essential for attracting experienced, skilled, and passionate people to your company. When it comes to attracting talent, you need to understand how to spark their interest, tell them about your business, and persuade them to apply for a position.

The key to creating a stellar recruiting brand is making job seekers feel like a part of your community. Your hiring process shouldn’t have any gray area or make it seem impossible for a job seeker to land an interview.

If you want to start attracting more talent to your company, here are five secrets to building a simple, yet wow-worthy recruiting brand:

Tell your company’s story through your recruiting brand.

First impressions don’t apply only to job seekers during the recruitment process. According to CareerBuilder, nearly half of job seekers said an employer’s brand impacts their decision to apply for a position.

As an employer, you need to make a great first impression on talented job seekers. You can do this by telling your company’s story and why it’s a great place to work. This story should be illustrated through a variety of written and visual content geared toward job seekers. By intertwining your company’s story within your recruitment brand, you’ll be able to help job seekers decide if your positions are right for them.

Create a “recruitment hub” on your website for job seekers.

If you don’t already, your company should have a dedicated careers page for job seekers to serve as a hub for all of your candidates’ needs. From finding open positions to information about your company culture, this page should answer practically every question a job seeker may have about applying for a job at your company.

It’s also very important to ensure your careers page is optimized for mobile users. Today, 65 percent of job seekers search for jobs via their mobile devices, and 40 percent of them will have a negative image of your company if your website isn’t optimized for mobile. The key to reaching more talent is through making your job postings available through the mobile web.

Design a blog and publish content targeted at job seekers.

After you design a page for job seekers, you need to create content. When people visit your website, they should be able to capture the mission and culture of your company with a simple click. To get you started with job seeker content, here are some ideas to implement in your recruiting brand:

  • Have some of your employees write blog posts about why they love their job.

  • Feature videos of your CEO and top management talking about the culture of your company.

  • Host Twitter chats for interested job seekers.

In addition to publishing shareable content for job seekers, you should also provide them with something tangible they can keep. An example of this would be a slideshow or eBook candidates can download. These materials can provide potential candidates with the information required for your hiring process, what it’s like to work for your company, and the contact information they need in order to apply.

Implement a social media strategy.

Having a strong social media strategy for recruitment is key for attracting talent. After you publish content for job seekers, share it on your different social media platforms. You should also strongly encourage your employees to share content as well. The more you can promote your careers, company mission, and culture, the more likely you’ll recruit the right talent.

Make sure all your current employees are on board with your brand.

Your employees are some of the best ambassadors for your recruiting brand. To help them attract talent to your company, provide them with your company’s elevator pitch. Every employee should be able to explain what your company does and provide a sneak peek of your culture. This way, whenever an employee encounters a potential job seeker, they’ll be able to make a positive first impression for your company.

Stellar recruiting brands show job seekers why they should work for your company. During the hiring process, don’t simply tell candidates about your company — show them what it’s like to become a member of your community through blogging, photos, videos, and social media. This interaction will not only have talent flocking to your company, but also will strengthen relationships with job seekers before they apply for a position.

Secrets of Creating a Stellar Recruiting Brand

What are your best tips for building a stellar recruiting brand?

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Heather Huhman

Heather R. Huhman is a career expert, experienced hiring manager, and founder & president of Come Recommended.

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  1. Samuli Ahola says

    Great blog post, Heather! In today’s job market, in my opinion selling your employer brand starts already during the recruitment process. The employer must “sell themselves” just as much as the candidate, if employer wants to attract top talent.

    Sometimes including a bit of creativity in recruitment processes might have surprising results. Here is a nice example of how creativity made the employer seem more approachable, resulting in less tense candidates in interviews and better candidate experience overall: http://bit.ly/1ibZXdO

    Creativity itself might not make your company irresistible, but it can surely help you stand out even during the recruitment process. Just like the candidates try to communicate their talent and expertise – so should you communicate your attractiveness as an employer.

    Thank you for a nice blog post and have a great year 2014,

    Samuli Ahola/Recruitby.net



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