5 Recruting Trends You Can’t Ignore

Recruiting Trends Week is upon us! Each day, everday this week Blogging4Jobs is taking it to the streets to find out what trends will be “the trend” in recruiting. What do you think? What trend do you see as #1 in 2014? Let us know here! Elevate your brand and HR & Recruiting practitioners. Learn more about sponsoring a future themed week on Blogging4Jobs by clicking here.

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2014 is a Year of Business Transformation

2014 is a year of transformation. The majority of companies and businesses have recovered from our most recent recession and the reliance of corporate layoffs, restructures and downsizing which I first wrote about in March 2008. As an organization, revenues are up. They have been on the uphill for a while, but we’ve been cautious smarter, more strategic and tighter with how we spend and allocate budgets and department monies.

The fundamental challenge for recruiting in 2014 remains the same. We are more than just hiring and recruiting. We just don’t want to take responsibility for it when things go south. This is the reverse problem we have with hiring managers who love us when we recruit and help them hire great people, but pass the buck blaming our lack of hiring precision when in fact it’s their bad management that’s to blame.

Business leaders woke up in 2012, aware of the increasing turnover and options employees had so they began investing in employee training programs, development and retention programs for knowledge workers and the established employee. The “skills gap” became the HR and recruiting buzz word of 2013. While it addresses an important issue, it likely hasn’t took hold since this year is expected to be the first time, we will see a large mass exodus of Boomer employees leaving the workplace and most employers are ill prepared. I’ve been personally preparing for this mass exodus since 2005 as experienced knowledge workers with business leadership experience will be in short supply, and I’ll be able to expect top dollar when it comes to my salary. In my mind it’s no longer about the skills gap but the leadership gap where an estimated shortage of 30 to 40 million educated knowledge workers will be a reality starting in 2020. Yes, I’ve been training, developing my skills and working towards becoming a highly sought after knowledge worker until I begin downshifting my own career in 2040.

Latest Recruiting & Strategy Trends of 2014

We’re at a pivotal point in the recruiting and human capital industry and here are five of the latest recruiting and strategy trends you, your boss, your CEO and your employer can’t ignore in 2014.

  • Performance of Now – This includes custom content and mobile sites at the candidates fingertips immediately. Recruiting team will be forced to adopt a more consumer mindset or be left behind thus, suffering an employee and human capital short fall that they could have prevented by reading this blog and proper planning. 
  • Fully Engaged Recruiting – Social recruiting is no longer a stand alone resource. Companies combine social media, job boards, referrals and other systems to make a well-rounded and engaged recruiting program that doesn’t rely on a single solution for candidates. 
  • Sourcing – The rise in social recruiting has brought a new attention and importance to sourcing. Recruiters need sourcers to comb through the billions of social media profiles, updates and information that is posted on the web every single day to find the most relevant candidates to fill the company’s current job openings.
  • Smart Hiring – Combining not just the power of big data but also technology to aid us in making better decisions with processes as well as recruitment. Smart hiring incorporates automation, technology and  the latest analytics to help us make better use of our time, recruiting and long term business strategy. Smarter recruitment and hiring will be driven by integrated smart technology that truly works together driven by the performance of now.
  • Mobile – Deserves its own mention because of the increased focus on mobile job search, mobile apply and the growing focus on the recruiter and hiring manager experience that is mobile. I’ve long been a fan of mobile. It’s not just having a mobile rendered site, a mobile app, or sourcing via a smartphone. It’s all of these things but a real focus on smart hiring and being strategic with your technology and strategy spend.

Learn more about the latest recruiting trends of 2014, by joining me on a Success Factors webinar 1/23 at 10 AM PST. Click here

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