5 Reasons to Accept an Internship After Graduation

Accepting an internship instead of a “real job” after graduation isn’t an idea most grads want to consider. There is a negative stigma around post-grad internships because college graduates want to be able to move on to bigger and better things.

But in today’s workforce, the post-grad internship is becoming more and more common. In fact, many companies are using internship programs in place of entry-level positions. Graduates need to stop thinking about internships so negatively because there are a lot of benefits to interning after graduation.

5 reasons to accept an internship after graduation

Gain more experience.

Even though you may have had internships during college, there is always room to gain extra experience. Maybe you didn’t pick up the right skills at your previous internship, or maybe your area of interest has changed since then. Becoming an intern after graduation is the best way to round out those skills and experience you’re still lacking. Once you’ve got a few more months of practical experience under your belt, you’ll be much more successful at landing a full-time job in your industry.

Programs specifically for graduates.

Many companies have started to implement internship programs specifically for college graduates. Because these programs were created for grads, you can expect the companies to treat you differently than they would treat a sophomore or junior in college. You’ll be given more trust and responsibility, so you’ll feel like you’re in an entry-level position anyway. Plus, many post-grad internship programs are paid, which is something you’ll absolutely need at this point in your life.

Great benefits.

Many companies offer benefits to post-grad interns, just as if they were full-time employees. These benefits might include housing, competitive salaries, insurance, paid days off, and other perks. Not all programs will offer interns the same benefits as their full-time employees, but you shouldn’t rule out internships from your job search if a lack of benefits is one of your concerns.

Build a network.

Another great benefit of a post-grad internship is the potential for expanding your network. Even if you don’t get a job offer from the company at the end of the internship, you’ll have a much higher number of people in your network who work there and can continue to help you land full-time employment. They can help you get a job at the company where you interned or they can set you up with their colleagues in other companies. Either way, you’ve got a lot more people to help you succeed.

Get hired permanently.

Though this isn’t guaranteed for all post-grad internships, you have a much larger chance and landing a permanent, full-time job at a company if you intern first. Many companies use internships as a trial period for new employees before hiring them on full time. Hopefully, you can use an internship to impress your managers and ultimately land a “real job” by the end of your program.

If you’re like most college grads, an internship is not your first choice of employment. Although in today’s workforce, a post-grad internship might be the best option for you. Between the additional experience and networking, an internship could be the best way for you to land your dream job down the road. Don’t knock an internship just because of the negative stigma. Do your research, and you might find that the perfect position for you is to be an intern for a little while longer.

What are some other reasons to accept an internship after graduation?

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