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5 courses for earning hr recertification credits

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As a certified HR professional, I work hard to maintain my certifications, especially those that involved an extensive test like SPHR, GPHR and California PHR. I know you do too. So I’ve taken special care to collect and focus on human resources recertification-specific courses in LEARN. We have over 70 courses and counting, and these five are available free of charge. If you are in the market for HR recertification, I have a combination of free webinars, podcast, and courses available for both HRCI and SHRM credits. If you need more than the 5 HR credits, I have those too.

Earn HR Recertification Credits With 5 Free Courses from LEARN by Workology

1. How to Get Your Employees More Involved in Social Corporate Good Campaigns – 1.0 General Credit

As a recent MIT Sloan research report showed, 57% of workers now consider ‘social business sophistication’ to be an important factor when choosing an employer making social good a powerful employee retention and recruiting tool. While companies are involved in social good activities aligning themselves with non-profits, causes and philanthropy, how do they increase employee communication and therefore, employee participation in company-driven social good activities and events. Click here to access the course.

2. Elevate Your Good Faith Recruiting Efforts with Digital – 1.0 Business Credit

Not a week doesn’t go by where you hear news about an organization who isn’t diverse among their STEM employees, board members or staff. For companies, being diverse is serious business. For companies who are federal contractors, having a strong diversity program is part of their corporate obligations. And for companies who don’t meet those corporate obligations, the result can be costly and time-consuming with settlement costs ranging from $165,000 to $1.8 million not to mention countless audits, meetings and time spent on additional paperwork for alleged violations according to BLR. Learn how to embrace diversity recruiting focused on the larger business plan and strategy in addition to your federal DOL and OFCCP requirements. This course is eligible for business credits perfect for those with HRCI’s SPHR designation. Click here to access the course.

3. Leadership Essentials: Approachability and Conflict Resolution Podcast – 1.0 General Credit

This three-podcast bundle looks at leadership and how we can help our leaders to be more approachable, relatable and manage conflict among their teams and peers. Learn ways to help arm your leaders with tools to lead and inspire their employees. Click here to access the course.

4. Employee Optimism and Mental Health – 1.0 General Credit

This two-podcast bundle that looks at employee optimism and how to get the most out of your employees while also taking a look at the increasing numbers of employees who are experiencing mental health issues inside and outside of your offices. Learn how employee happiness and wellbeing is influenced outside the workplace just as much as inside. Click here to access the course.

5. Seven Ways to Super-Charge Your Talent Brand – 1.0 Business Credits

Today’s savvy candidates are doing online research before applying to your open positions or replying to your recruiter’s inquiries. They are also meandering their way on to your company’s radar screen through social networking with your employees. Are you ready to impress these top candidates online? Learn what information do candidates seek online about employers, where do the best candidates go to research and what your company can do to attract and impress candidates online? Click here to access the course.

In addition to the five free courses listed here, the LEARN by Workology system has 70+ courses available and counting for all your HR recertification needs. We offer monthly, annual and team plans for both HRCI and SHRM certifying bodies. Click here and select the free plan to access the 5 free courses mentioned above.

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