4 Ways to Use Google Glass for Recruiting #mobilerecruit

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4 Ways to Use Google Glass for Recruiting #mobilerecruit


With the onset of wearable technology it has opened up a whole new window of opportunity for recruiting. So a tool that I am fond of is IFTTT (if this than that). It is a free online tool that can put the internet to work for you. That being said here are the recipes I would recommend for recruiters with glass..

First Impression

The First is a two part recipe I like to help with First Impressions- first you set it up so that any time you add a new contact to your phone; it will find them on LinkedIn and send them an invite. Second, it will send a notification to Glass when they accept. Think of the impact when you are meeting new people at Conferences and Career Fairs. (this works for candidates and recruiters).

contact linked in

LI glass

Instagram to Glass

Another favorite of mine is the Instagram to Glass recipe. You set it up to alert you when a particular person posts a new pic. Think of the impact you can have responding to their people quickly and in an engaging way.

insta glas

Email to Glass

This next one I would have loved when I was in agency recruiting. We all know the saying “Time kills all deals”. This one will all you to select when you have an email from particular people it will notify you via glass. (Think of when an offer comes in, interview schedule, or the dreaded counter offer.

email glass

Craigslist to Glass

So this one takes a little tweaking, But what you can do is point your search to the resumes section of Craigslist, and what you do is build you search for a role you are trying to find, and save it, take that link and put it in to the Recipe and every time someone uploads their resume to Craigslist it will pop up in Glass.

CL glass

IFTTT makes all these recipes to set up. first just enable your “channels”, copy the recipes and you are good to go…

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