4 Ways to Attract Millenials to Your Company

Millennials are taking over the world we live in today.

From growing up in the digital age to offering a unique perspective on the world, they’re changing the way the world works. Now more than ever, Millennials are in high demand in a job market that is seeing an increasingly large skill gap.

If you’re looking to attract Millennials to your company, traditional recruiting methods might not win top talent over. Competition in the market is more fierce than ever, so when top talent is searching for a career, they want a company that stands out from all the rest.

4 Ways To Attract Millennials To Your Company

A Solid Social Presence

Millennials and the Internet are basically joined at the hip. Having grown up with technology, they want to work at a company that understands how to communicate online and is on top of basic digital trends (no out-of-date website or blog layouts).

Investing the time and effort to create a strong social media presence not only drives revenue to your business, but also allows Gen Y to easily learn about your products and culture. This helps them decide whether your organization would be a good fit for them.

Some companies even reach out to talent via social platform networking on sites like LinkedIn. A solid online reputation makes it easier than ever to approach great talent from anywhere in the world and establish a relationship before even meeting them in-person.

Remember Money Isn’t Everything

Offering competitive pay when attracting Generation Y is great and all, but they’re influenced by more than just a paycheck. In an infographic by UNC’s business school, one in three Millennials would prioritize social media freedom, device flexibility, and work mobility over salary. The most important job factor for them? A desire to be doing work that is meaningful in some way.

A strong company culture is also increasingly crucial when trying to attract top talent. Millennials want to work in a place that feels like an extension of themselves, and they’re not going to get that at some stuffy, old-fashioned corporation.

Changing with the times can solve more than just your recruiting problems. Flexible work options and becoming mobile-friendly are just a couple ways your company can become highly sought-after by top young talent. Doing so can also boost efficiency and productivity (and ultimately revenue) in the workplace.

Don’t Burn Bridges

Job candidates hear this all the time when learning how to maintain their networks, but it can apply to recruiting as well. Treating each and every candidate with respect, including the ones that didn’t make the cut, is advice that even large companies fail to follow sometimes.

Maintaining good standing with all of your candidates is incredibly understated. Whether or not they got the job, they’ll be apt to tell everyone they know about their experience with your company. If it’s good, and the candidate’s praise convinces a friend to apply (which happens more often than you’d think), then you just turned a failed recruit into a free recruiter.

Simple acts such as letting applicants know when a position is filled can go a very long way in the eyes of a Millennial, resulting in your respect for them turning mutual.

Be Able To Sell Your Company

The business world is in the midst of a shift — from a ‘company holds the cards’ mentality to a ‘candidate-centered’ one.

Millennials are fantastic workers, and they know it. That means companies are being forced to sell the position in order to gain quality hires. Young talent now wants to be sold on why they should work for your company, what career advancement opportunities are offered, and how the work they do will make an impact in the world.

It sounds outrageous, but it’s absolutely happening. Being able to sell your company is starting to become a required trait in HR, and those who can’t are significantly less successful as a result. Adapting to the latest communication trends, such as a desire for rapid-fire engagement, could be the difference between snagging a top-notch hire or a mediocre one.

How is your company working on attracting Millennials? Let us know in the comments!

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Heather Huhman

Heather R. Huhman is a career expert, experienced hiring manager, and founder & president of Come Recommended.


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