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21 Best Niche Job Boards for Recruiters

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21 Best Niche Job Boards for Recruiters

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job boards, recruiters, hire

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Finding candidates is tough. There are either too many job seekers to choose from or locating that needle in the haystack takes more time, effort and phone calls than time you have. Enter in job boards especially those niche ones that cultivate relationships with the niche and speciality communities and job seekers, you want to reach. They offer a quick and easy way to showcase your specific job posting to the audience of niche job seekers who are interested in hearing about your opportunity. Optimizing your job posting for SEO? That’s another story for another day.

The Magic of Niche Job Boards for Recruiters

The challenge in finding niche job boards is that there are literally millions of job boards to choose from. The market is large and the barrier to entry is small due to job board software and even WordPress sites that allow you to set up a job boards in minutes. It’s hard to separate the quality niche job boards from the rest which is why I wanted to present you with 21 niche and specialty job boards that recruiters should consider posting their job openings.

  • Sales Gravy. This is a great job board and site to engage with sales minded job seekers. It’s also a great research tool to understand the sales professional candidate you are engaged and recruiting for.
  • Authentic Jobs. A job board designed to reach creative professionals. It has that creative vibe and aesthetic right away.
  • MediaBistro. A great site to reach the media job seeker community. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy reading all their killer content.
  • SnagaJob. Having spent many years working to recruit hourly and retail workers, SnagaJob offers a community forum, blog and job postings designed to reach the hourly worker. Plus, their company has a great culture.
  • College RecruiterI’ve had the pleasure of knowing Steve, the President and his team at College Recruiter since 2009. They provide a wonderful community for college and university recruiters as well as job resources for college students and recent grads not to mention their wonderful job postings.
  • TweetMyJobs. My best friend, Mira is their head of sales, and I’ve enjoyed watching this company grow. They offer very creative social recruiting and job posting solutions.
  • DiceIf you are looking for technology and IT jobs, Dice is the place to go. They have a number of other very specific niche job board properties to really reach and engage that target job seeker audience. Dice offers a way to reach those data scientist purple squirrels and other extremely competitive and hard to fill job requisitions you have at your company.
  • They have built their business model on niche job boards and have a very large community of candidates and job seekers with opportunities to micro target very specific groups.
  • RXInsider. Having recruited and hired my fair share of pharmacy retail jobs, I can attest that the market is extremely competitive. RXInsider offers virtual job fairs as a way to engage and reach pharmacy job seekers.
  • FlexJobs. This job board is a paid subscription for job seekers which is different than most job board models. Job postings for employers are free. They offer their candidates job postings for flexible positions and those that are work from home. Because who doesn’t think they get so much more work done in yoga pants? This girl!
  • YouTern. This site has it all with a very popular blog that attracts a large following and an engaged community of college students and young professionals, YouTern has a great audience in a very ADD candidate market.
  • Craigslist. One of the most effective and often overlooked job boards. There is an art to posting and reaching job seekers using CL.
  • OilCareers. A recent acquisition by Dice Holdings, this site is for job listings in the Oil and Gas community which is highly competitive especially in Oklahoma, Texas, Montana and New Mexico. This is a great site to reach job seekers in this very niche and specialized community.
  • RecruitMilitary.A great niche job board to engage and reach out to our active military and military veteran job seekers and community.
  • WeWorkRemotely. Formerly the 37Signals Job Board, this site focuses on technical jobs that can work remote. I love the concept and think organizations should consider remote work options especially for those hard to fill technical positions.
  • HireQ. Currently in beta, it calls itself a lifestyle job board matching the job seeker to the right opportunities. Sounds very JobFox and to me. If it works, who cares?
  • This is a website that targets the disabled job seeker community. Please consider recruiting and hiring this group of very capable job candidates.
  • InternMatch. A niche job board for the intern community. They have a very robust and engaged following of college students and recent grads. Nathan, their founder is a personal friend.
  • The hospitality industry is not one to leave out. This site offers a way to engage candidates in another highly competitive industry where there is a lot of competition for the best talent. The partner company of this site, OnTargetJobs owns and manages a number of other niche and specialty job board properties.
  • TalentZoo.comAnother great media and creative job board property to consider when looking to recruiter creatives and those in the media and/or advertising industry.
  • StateRequirement Jobs. You can browse thousands of great insurance job positions or search for a specific opening to start your new career.
  • SHRM HR Jobs. A great job board to reach the human resources professional community. Use promo code ‘blog’ to save 10%.

What niche job boards work for you? Leave a comment below, I’ll verify it and add it to our running list.

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  1. If you’re a small company looking for maximum exposure on Indeed, JobShouts is a great cost alternative. Jobs posted to JobShouts are picked up by Indeed quickly (they scrape us 4 times a day) and indexed usually on the first page of search results, just below sponsored ads. From the metrics furnished to us monthly by Indeed, our job postings outperform nearly ALL ads on Indeed, including sponsored ads – at a fraction of the cost of big boards. JobShouts is only $199/mo for unlimited postings.

  2. You want to know what’s so great about this list?

    It’s probably one of the most succinct lists of top “niche” job boards I’ve seen in a long time.

    There are many others that target even narrower niches, but this is a great list for HR professionals to investigate.

    While you’re at it, do yourself a favor and find out what your ATS can supply you with as far as job board response metrics. If you can pinpoint small successful job boards, and track the quality of the applicants instead of just the quantity of candidates, you’ll probably start seeing the return come back faster than you imagined.

    Start small. Track your results. Commit to the winners. Repeat!

  3. is a new website that connects nonprofits with the resources to diversify and strengthen their mission. Check out our job board for diversity career opportunities with nonprofit organizations or to fill your human talent needs.

  4. As an Account Exec of course I’m biased, but I’d like to promote BioSpace for this list. We’re the most established job board for the Biotech and Life Sciences industry (almost in our 30th year!), are part of the Dice Holdings family of targeted websites. Thank you!

  5. I thought you might be interested in learning about a brilliant recent addition to the UK creative job market – The Dots –

    The Dots is a professional networking site for the creative industries, with over 1000 top creative organisations using the site to hire creative talent, including: Tate, V&A, Conde Nast, Barbican, Wolff Olins, Roundhouse, Net-a-Porter, Saatchi & Saatchi, Twitter, Spotify, Bompas & Parr, Tatty Devine, AKQA and many many more.

    The creative job board hosts a mix of top-level roles, freelance work and paid internships. The Dots is also a completely free promotional tool for your portfolios, creative courses, workspaces, networking and inspiration.

    I hope you find it a useful resource 🙂

  6. Skilled Jobs Direct ( is a Forbes Award Winning Niche Job Board geared specifically towards helping Employers find Skilled Trades Workers. Pricing is extremely affordable at $79 per month for unlimited job posting. Our jobs are also pushed out to major aggregators at no extra charge.

  7. These findings improve the hiring experience and results at your company. In addition to providing a benchmark of current recruitment Niche Platforms, processes or metrics, the insights gleaned from the decades in the recruiting industry will help company to measure, track and improve your the quality of the applicants.

  8. Jessica, we run a new construction job website in the UK connecting construction card holders directly to employers. We have over 5,000 construction card workers registered and employers can filter candidates with what qualified construction cards they hold. I hope our site is worth a mention on your list.

    Cheers, Scott.

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